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17  April

Anger over “a good day in the office” after council tax rise

24/02/2024 @ 07:24


A Welshpool county councillor has demanded an apology after Powys councillors that voted for a 7.5% council tax rise were pictured celebrating “a good day in the office”.

Cllr Graham Breeze, an independent, said the picture, posted by the Liberal Democrats Parliamentary Candidate for Montgomeryshire & Glyndwr, Cllr Glyn Preston, was “unprofessional” and asked: “Since when was it a celebration to increase council tax?”

The post shows Cllr Preston and his colleagues with his thumbs-up in a pub after the Lib/Dem-led Powys County Council voted in the new budget that includes the whopping rise in council tax.

Anti-poverty champion Cllr Joy Jones said the rise will push many vulnerable into poverty, but despite strong opposition, it was voted through by just two votes on Thursday.

While the post may have been done with good intention to celebrate a tough budget-making process, it has been jumped on by political rivals hoping to score some points in a General Election year. Cllr Preston has also removed the post.

We have asked the Wales Liberal Democrats for a comment.

What Cllr Breeze said in response to the picture:

“The Independent Group supported by The Conservative Group, The Independents For Powys, Plaid Cymru and non-aligned councillors failed yesterday by 34 votes to 32 to stop Powys County Council's Lib-Dem/Labour Cabinet increasing council tax by 7.5% and slashing the services you will receive.

“But how unprofessional is it to see Cllr Glyn Preston posting this picture on X (was Twitter) of he and his Lib Dem colleagues celebrating “A good day at the office”.

“Since when was it a celebration to increase Council Tax? Think an apology might be in order Cllr Preston. It wasn’t a football match.”